Rusty Devil






Rusty Devil is a Tasmanian designer gift shop specialising in unique, mostly Tasmanian made products many of which originate from a special part of the world; Tasmania’s East Coast. ‘Rusty’ was created from the ground up and incorporated, logo name and design through to store layout and signage. The brief was to use one of Tasmania’s greatest icons, the Tasmanian Devil. The devil has been used in many ways across the years to represent products and services within Tasmania, we took a very new slant and a different devil was born. The imagery and brand was carried through a multitude of items within the shop as well as advertising material and their online presence. We also carried our concept over to include an outdoor sculpture of the Rusty Devil fashioned from sheet metal that sits atop a sandstone base. An added application to this brand was a range of story books created explaining a quirky story about how our devil came have his rusty appearance.